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Frequently Asked Questions


At this time we do not carry an outdoor or misting fan. Our box fan 1DAFBX20 fan motor is rain-resistant when being used in a window, but it is not considered waterproof and should be removed asap when pouring rain.

Fans should be placed in a location that can bring fresh air into the area or circulate cooled air coming from a window air conditioner. If you want to exhaust warm air out of a room, make sure there is a source of fresh air like an open window or door, then face the fan so it pushes the warm air out of the room and simultaneously pulls in fresh air from the open window or door.

Personal fans that sit directly in front of you typically start at 4” diameter and increase up to 8” for a stronger air flow. Table and pedestal fans can sit further away from you or the area to cool, those range from 12” to 16”. High velocity fans range from 8” to 20” diameter and are best suited to cool down an entire medium to large sized room due to their more powerful fan motor.

High velocity fans have a powerful air flow, so they are used best to cool down a space or room rather than being used as a personal fan.

Oscillation swings the fan side to side 180 degrees to faster ventilate the room. It also provides a more comfortable cooling experience by not allowing the fan to fixate on one person or living being. The oscillation feature can always be shut off to provide the best venting situation for your individual space.

Denali Aire fans can be used with an extension cord if the correct gauge listed in the user manual is being used and no changes are made to the factory provided power cord.

Registration can be completed here. Registration is used by Denali Aire to protect customers by recording purchases. In case of a recall or other very important information pertaining to the machine, Denali Aire can quickly and efficiently contact you. Registration does not confirm the warranty status – a valid receipt is still required to confirm warranty. We highly suggest registering the unit as soon as possible to stay updated, but it can technically be done at any time.

A New Leaf extended warranty program is available for some fan models within 3 months of the purchase date. 

Denali Aire fan models not eligible for Extended Warranty Program:

  • 1DAFD6E
  • 1DAFHV8E
  • 1DAFD12E
  • 1DAFP16E
  • 1DAFD5R

For more details or to purchase please visit the New Leaf extended warranty page here.

Our Extended Warranty FAQ section is located here.

New Leaf’s Full Terms and Agreement statement is located for download here.

Fan extended warranties start the day after the manufacturer warranty expires; The manufacturer and extended warranties will never overlap. A max purchase price for eligible units is up to $500.00 (not including taxes, installation, or shipping fees). Used or preowned machines are not eligible; A store purchase receipt is required to process an extended warranty.

For replacement parts and troubleshooting assistance please call us at 888-433-6254 Monday-Friday.

Technical Support

Technical Support: (888) 433-6254

Quick Connect Mini-Splits Technical Support: (888) 597-0557