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Introducing Denali Aire, a powerful new line of air conditioning products that are as affordable as they are refreshing. Check your local retailers beginning Fall 2018.


Whether you’re looking to cool your home, business, or industrial facility, Denali Aire has the perfect fit at the right price. Our products are up to the task for any environment, from small rooms to large, open spaces.

Fall 2019

Room Air Conditioners

Highly cost effective and ideal cooling solution for a single room or an entire house.

Easy to install, without the need for an expensive contractor

Energy Star designed to be the highest efficiency Room Air product on the market

Efficient alternative to a central air conditioning system


Portable Air Conditioners

Highly efficient, able to be located wherever cooling is needed

Faster cooling in the area you need cooling in

Easy storage. When cooling is not needed the unit is easily stored out of site.

Fully featured units with easy to use remote control


Ductless Minisplits

The most powerful, cost effective and efficient cooling and heating product on the market today

State of the art inverter technology. Assures constant comfort, regardless of the temperature outside

Easy to operate, with an intuitive remote controller to customize your comfort

Designed to be installed out of the way, so you feel the comfort without seeing it


Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners

Cost effective installation and operation. Plug and play design

No Ductwork required, mounts on outside wall limiting footprint

Standard design, fits into existing PTAC wall sleeves

High efficiency cooling room by room



Quickly dehumidifies your dwelling to limit allergens

Less humidity means greater comfort and less potential of mold and mildew creation

Lower energy cost as a result of less humidity, allowing your air conditioner to operate more efficiently

Quiet operation. Can be operated out of sight without sound intrusion

Room Air Conditioners

Portable Air Conditioners

Ductless Minisplits

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners


Why choose denali aire

When choosing a Denali Aire product, you have peace of mind that you have the latest, most technically advanced products on the market today. In today’s world you need a trusted brand from a trusted company that is interested in your satisfaction. Selecting a Denali product saves your valuable time, and you can trust the product you select will deliver you years of trouble-free operation.

About Denali Aire

Denali Aire: A new company, guided by over 22 years of expert leadership in product development and manufacturing. Our continued pursuit here at Denali Aire is to be the #1 brand customers look for when they need a solution to their comfort conditioning needs.

Our Expertise

At Denali Aire, our expertise in product research, design and manufacture means you get the most advanced design and the highest quality products in the market today. We never compromise.

Industry Leading Products

Denali Aire reaches globally in manufacturing to assure the industry leading products we produce are as technologically advanced as they are affordable.


We proudly stand behind our line of products, offering a robust 2-year warranty and an unmatched commitment to customer service and after-sale support.

2-Year Warranty
Tech Support
Customer Service

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